Wednesday, June 12, 2019

$tylja's Experiment 1st Show 6/21/19 at Khons Beer Art & Wine Lounge

Daraja kicks the summer off with a new show vibe and experience for H-town.
1st show of  4 starts 6/21/2019 on a Friday at Khons Houston.
Come see whats all the Art and Talk about!

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

$tylJa gears up for NEW #DAJAP Apparel Release!!

$tylJa teams up with  on NEW #DAJAP Apparel Release. The Brand will mainly focus on Daraja aka $tylJa's Art Work and Visuals for the main selling point & feature. #DAJAP Apparel will be selling T-Shirts, Hand Bags, Mugs, Exclusive Art Visuals, & much more through the #DAJAP Apparel site. #DAJAP Apparel plan to launch the new cyber store sometime in late March.

Monday, December 8, 2014

New Art, New Music | That Moment by Daraja Hakizimana

Another classic Instrumental from Daraja Hakizimana off the 2014 Art Music release courtesy of iHipHop Distribution /My Block Recordz. The song showcases Daraja's endless talent on the keyboards and synthesizer. The tune captures just its self  title "That Moment". The moment you fall in love, strike that deal, get that revelation, or just that moment you feel bliss, is what the song symbolizes and  conveys.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

A Minute with Club J.Youga

These young brothers from Houston, Texas will make a mark with the their 2nd project on My Block Recordz, Club 803 - Cloud 9. Their style is unique and very smooth. The whole project is dope and jamming. If you love H-Town, Jodeci, Jagged Edge, Dru Hill, or Ideal, this is totally another classic to add to the collection. Its the perfect soundtrack to any romantic night or outing with that special love one.The project shows a side of H-Town's R&B sound that most don't know exist or haven't heard for awhile. Daraja Hakizimana the group's main producer and writer, infuses electronica-jazz & smooth rhythmic piano chords over a constant hypnotizing bass-line throughout the project that totally signifies the Club 803 format and sound. He does most of the production and writing for Cloud 9 and Geno laces  lead & background vocals on majority of the album. Songs like "Remember Falling In Love", "So Good", and "Go Ahead (Pt2)" will be making hella noise this fall & winter. Club 803 is definitely putting H-Town  back on the Classic R&B map radar.